Arun's creation, "The poetry of Supreme Consciousness" and spirituality./ Dipali Maity

Arun's creation, "The poetry of Supreme Consciousness" and spirituality.

               Dipali Maity

 Ph.D scholar in English in YBN University, Ranchi, Jharkhand.


Meditation in supreme consciousness and spirituality:

Meditation plays a vital role in supreme consciousness and spirituality, to be a poet of z generation poetry meditation needs to bring the silence on mind of the poet. Without silence the poet cannot reach supreme conscious mind. Meditation in a silence place helps the poet Arun to know the proper meaning of 'bramha'. The utmost pleasure of mind of comes from meditation.

According to Swami Vivekananda, "Meditation, you know, comes by a process imagination. You go through all these processes purification of the elements-making the one melt the other, that into the next higher, that into mind, that into spirit, and then you are spirit."15

The process of meditation to reach the spirit and the steps to reach supreme consciousness of mind of z-generation poetry are alike. Meditation brings spontaneous feeling of spirits in poetry and this spontaneous feeling helps poet Arun to reach supreme consciousness of mind to realise brahma. Without meditation the spontaneous feelings and tranquillity of heart are impossible in supreme consciousness of mind in z-generation poetry. So here I remember poet Wordsworth

"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility".16

Supreme consciousness:

Supreme consciousness is the highest part of conscious mind, to reach this part the poet Arun has to enter the internal world of mind through internal concentration of spirits like thoughts and feelings of spirituality with the help of meditation on syllables. Supreme consciousness is the highest form of mind which helps the poet to feel the spiritual utmost happiness of his soul. Like the milky way of the galaxy, the philosopher poet Arun becomes the pioneer of the z generation poetry with the help of the ways of peaceful sublime supreme consciousness and spirituality. The scientists feel happiness in their fields after discovery of new thing like 'brahma', but poet Arun bestows a new utmost happiness by realising the supreme consciousness which has no beginning and ending like the milky way of galaxy. Like the poet Arun I want to reach the happiness of the way of supreme consciousness through my research on supreme consciousness and spirituality. Actually! want to portrait the connection between living and non living which are alive to the poet's imaginative eyes, sublime imaginative power helps the poet to reach the highest happiness of supreme consciousness. The poet Arun feels great happiness everywhere when he realises 'brahma' of his poetry with the help of supreme consciousness.

 *i)*  Poet Arun's opinions are that if we see the universe through supreme consciousness we see the natural internal spirit of the object.

 *ii)* Supreme consciousness brings perfection in a person. With the help of perfection the person gains the internal spirit, emotion, feeling and thinking in a proper way.

 *iii)* Self- knowledge gainer and self-feeling person are reached to a yogi. But in the thinking world, the exercise of consciousness and passing over the steps of consciousness of mind are the justifications of utmost life. Supreme consciousness is the extreme exercise of consciousness and discovery of this extreme consciousness of mind. Here man realises the perfection of life and here also man becomes a yogi to great yogi.17, Page 29-30.


Serenity of mind comes from spirituality, thinking, feelings and willing are the sublime incorporeal spirits of spirituality. Without spirituality there is no poetry, as without thinking, feeling and willing, no poetry is possible.

According to Sharon Arthur, "Spirituality is the incorporeal, the non material the soul, all the things in the world we cannot see, but hopefully still believe in. Spirit literally means breathe and wind. It incorporates the very air we breathe in and what that air consists of. Spirit is our thoughts and feelings as sentient beings, the animating principle that gives us life. It is who we are on the inside."18

Poet Arun realises that he touches the subtle spirit with the help of supreme consciousness. So nothing is rejected, but also the assimilation of every feature of poetry helps to reach the supreme consciousness of mind for which the poet gives us a systematic medulla of words. 19,page 17

Spirituality is the scientific realization of individual soul. Without spirituality no poetry is possible, as the spirits like feeling, willing and thinking are the sublime parts of all poetry.

Poet Arun's opinion is that, the investigation of supreme consciousness is the investigation of individual soul, happiness of explored individual soul, with the help of supreme consciousness' perception, portraits the connection between the soul and 'brahma' and demonstrates the perception of subtle boundless feeling. (Lines1-3) page 6.21

Readers cum critics in supreme consciousness and Spirituality:

Readers cum critics need to feel the words of the z- generation poetry, Readers become critics when the readers feel the meaning of the poem from a unique side other than poet's feelings. Acquired knowledge of the readers is more important than the present feelings of the poem. Frequent readings of the readers of the poem in the z- generation poetry will give a milky way of galaxy to reach the 'brahma' of the supreme consciousness and spirituality. Readers cum critics must need to test the feelings of poem and the criticism of the critics makes the poet to write poem in different tastes of feelings. After realising the feeling of supreme consciousness and spirituality the readers cum critics feel the tranquillity of hearts. By manifesting the supreme consciousness and spirituality into his soul poet Arun gives us a feeling of a new knowledge that the various point of views of the readers are accepted. Readers cum critics spread out the demonstrative power of supreme consciousness and spirituality of poet Arun like the morning golden sunrays spread out.

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