Arun's creation, "The poetry of Supreme Consciousness" and spirituality.,/Dipali Maity

Arun's creation, "The poetry of Supreme Consciousness" and spirituality.

               Dipali Maity

 Ph.D scholar in English in YBN University, Ranchi, Jharkhand.



Supreme consciousness and spirituality are the benevolent sublime incorporeal spirits which help the philosopher poet Arun to acquire the subtle analysis of the words of poetry and then the poet becomes the pioneer of the z-generation poetry. The poet Arun has to love the benevolent spirits of supreme consciousness and spirituality to overcome the unconscious, sub-conscious, conscious mind and overall concentration brings through spirituality. To feel the untouchable limitless internal sublime spirit, happiness, love and peace of poetry, the philosopher poet Arun follows the supreme consciousness and spirituality which bring the highest form of knowledge of the words of the z-generation poetry. To enter the supreme consciousness, totally has to suspend from the external world then the philosopher poet Arun feels the word 'brahma' i.e. the subtle analysis of the words of the z- generation poetry. With the help of supreme consciousness and spirituality of the z-generation poetry, I like to feel the milky way of galaxy of acquired knowledge of poet Arun's poetry which is portrayed in his essays and love to feel the happiness, love and tranquillity of mind by the subtle analysis of 'brahma' in my spiritual tranquil heart.

 Keywords: Supreme consciousness, spirituality, feeling, knowledge, poetry.


Supreme consciousness is nobody can feel sublime endless spirits mind. Spirituality alienated willing follower. Spirits of poetry are mixture of thinking, feeling willing; spirituality of helps the poet Arun to manifest his supreme consciousness into his Spirituality gives power to the poet Arun enter the internal tranquil sublime limitless feeling world of mind from external philosophy of then portraits an astral analysis of words of poetry. Z-generation poetry uses every feature of poetry like imagination, emotion, thoughts, feelings, unconscious, sub-conscious, conscious, supreme consciousness of mind, spirituality and knowledge in a subtle way by rejecting the self-pride of mind. By the perception of supreme consciousness and spirits like thinking, feeling and willing of spirituality, philosopher poet Arun has manifested his soul into 'brahma' i.e. the subtle analysis of the words in his poetry which helps him to give a unique description in his essay named "Param Chetanar Manifesto". I love to write an article about the manifestation of philosopher poet Arun's soul into supreme consciousness and spirituality in a subtle way. Then he becomes the pioneer of the z-generation poetry, a new poetic movement in the Indian poetic world in the twenty first century. In this article I like to acquire knowledge like Tennyson "To follow knowledge like a sinking star,/ Beyond the utmost bound of human thoughts." (Lines 31-32 "Ulysses")1. With the help of the ambiguous lines I will realise to feel the serenity of all utmost happiness of knowledge of supreme consciousness and spirituality. I love to research the demonstrative limitless incorporeal feelings of poet Arun's supreme consciousness and spirituality in his essays.

Objective :

Supreme consciousness and spirituality help philosopher poet to enter the "Param Chetanar Manifesto" "Kobitar Form" collection of Bengali essays. Through article like portrait every way justify the manifestation of supreme consciousness spirituality into poet soul and bestow the sublime limitless incorporeal feeling willing of heart the coming generation of society. like enter distress hearts the society and help them live new incorporeal feeling life the article, supreme consciousness and spirituality poet Arun's essays, a new incorporeal feeling to realise 'brahma'.


 Rejection of self - pride in supreme consciousness and spirituality :

To be a philosopher and to be the pioneer of the z-generation of poetry, totally, the poet Arun has to reject the self-pride of mind. In a very simple tranquil way the poet has to demonstrate his thinking, feeling and willing. Self-pride is a part of self-destruction of life. Poet Arun loves to live in a very simple way but, his thinking level is supreme and spiritual. Simplicity brings the highest form of knowledge of the z-generation poetry. Rejection of self-pride gives a feeling of serenity. Serenity in supreme consciousness and spirituality comes to heart not from fussy life, but from the deep secluded alienated life and spiritual heart. Rejection of self-Pride is the rejection of the great sins and harbinger of self confidence. Self-confidence of mind overcomes all evils of mind. So according to Swami Vivekananda, "If faith in ourselves has been more extensively taught and practiced, I am sure a very large portion of the evil and miseries that we have would have vanished".2

By overcoming the evils and miseries of heart the poet Arun limitlessly feels the spirits of supreme consciousness and spirituality through self-confidence.

Control Devices of supreme consciousness and spirituality:

Control devices like thinking, feeling, emotion, sub-conscious, conscious etc are needed in the manifestation of soul into supreme consciousness and spirituality.

According to Swami Vivekananda, "when thoughts such as Anger, Lust, Hatred etc, enter our mind then we have to deal with them by raising contrary thoughts. This has to be done at the beginning... for example when we are getting angry we must think of love and when we are prone to lust we must concentrate on the pure mind of a saint". 3

So we must control every device to reach 'brahma' of the words of the z-generation poetry. Poet Arun controls these devices like emotion, feeling, sub-conscious, conscious mind etc. and divinity helps him to manifest his soul into supreme consciousness and spirituality.

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